We will no longer be supporting links to sites that DO NOT support us back unless listed as an influence or as something we feel that everyone would extremely benefit from.


A.F.I. - One of our favs

Bauhaus - what can we say?

The Cure - Huh?  It's The Cure what do you want?

Disoriental - Great local band

Fugazi / Dischord Site - Great band and label with actual values and integrity

Joy Division - Suicide Rock

Killing Joke

Liquid Cloud 9 (R.I.P.) - Now defunct local metal band and friends of ours

The Misfits - Classic horror punk

Neverwhere Records - Ambient Label - Musicians Resource

RedX Studios - Abigail's End home studio soon to be open

TheraisaK - for all your logo and site needs and photo

Surreal Sound Studios - Local rehearsal and recording


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